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Wise Summit 2019

An incredible journey in Doha to UnLearn and Relearn during the WiseSummit2019 & Leaps Summit 2019đŸ’«

As a student, a former employee in a consulting firm, a mother of 4, a school mentor or during this amazing experience of co-building Hub School 21 I’m definitely a long-life optimistic learner😀

Learning anytime&anywhere from the people I meet, all my senses wide-opened, going out of my confort zone, discovering different ways of living, building new relationships...What It Is To Be Human🍀

Learning by listening to the inspiring words pronounced by speakers, among whom Sir Ken Robinson, Larry Rosenstock founder of High Tech High or the moving poetess Emtithal Mahmoud at World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE)🌎

Learning from the welcoming Qatari people while walking in the Souq, along the bay, sharing at Academyati school or visiting the National Museum...💡

Warmly thanks to Jennifer Yakub, Mehdi Benchaabane, Maryam, Noof, Sara & Qatar Foundation for the organization of that 1st learning experience with founders of progressive schools.

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