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Some news from HubSchool 21 🎄🌟...

We are pleased to announce you the opening of the academic cycle "Cycle 4" in our school in Vincennes with the arrival of our first seventh grade and eight grade students in December 2017 and January 2018! 🎉

You are a parent: 😊

Are you looking for a Middle School from the 21st Century that offers excellence for your child?

A school which offers new ways of learning to bring out and value the best from everyone, uses the “learning by doing” and “flipped class” active pedagogies to enable the children to be authors and actors of their learning path, in relation to the world around them and relaying on all potentials?

Contact us!

You can still enrol your child over the course of the year.

You are an individual or a company and you would like to support an innovative and ambitious project with a social and societal impact: 😁

We ask upon your generosity to support our initiative and to help us to further develop Hub School 21 and spread!

Join the adventure now đŸ‘ŒđŸ»!

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