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A Learning Expedition in #Finland đŸ‡«đŸ‡ź in Nov 2019

A Learning Expedition in #Finland đŸ‡«đŸ‡źwith some of the kids aged 6 to 12 from Hub School 21đŸ‡«đŸ‡·?

Another challenge

.to learn deeply & share with inspiring peersđŸ€© in Finnish schools, during the HundrEDorg 2020 Innovation Launch or during hands-on workshops in hashtag#Helsinki đŸ‘đŸ»...

.to simply live altogether far from our families & habits🏡

.to think out of the box📩 discovering another culture

.to boost our soft-skills around creativity & international human relationships🌍

.to open our minds đŸ‘€đŸ‘‚đŸ»đŸ’Ą& build tangible memories🚀

#Gratefulness to all the pupils, teachers, mentors & companies for their incredible welcome for this learning experience!

#HelsinkiEducationWeekđŸ™ŒđŸ» Warm thanks to the LycĂ©e franco-finlandais d'Helsinki Team mentored by Kari Kivinen


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